As the real estate market continues to lean in favor of the buyer, one may find this is the best time to look into buying a condo. Whether you wish to live on the ocean or in an urban downtown area close to shops and restaurants, it's a given that comfort and price are among the top considerations of condo buyers. The amenities a condominium provides are a luxurious bonus, and the more made available for the cost the better for the new resident.What are the top amenities and characteristics of a prime condo property? If you are seriously shopping for a new place to live and wish to take the condominium route, you should note buying a condo differs slightly from renting an apartment. For one, you'll own the place and, depending on any covenants, will be able to decorate and customize your living space to meet your needs. Also, what you buy is what you get, so you want to make sure your beach or urban condo has all the amenities to make life comfortable.

What should you look for? Depending on your tastes, here are a few preferences among condo buyers:

  • Hardwood Floors - for easier cleanup
  • Ceramic tiles in kitchen, bathrooms, and on laundry room floors
  • Granite or corian countertops in the kitchen - makes quick breakfast cleanup a breeze
  • Crown Molding and high ceilings for a sense of space
  • Entry Intercom and Security System
  • Laundry Room with appliances, so there's no trudging to a Laundromat
  • Large balcony for relaxing after work
  • Parking Garage access or reserved on-site parking
  • Storage Units for bikes and other equipment

As you search for your next home, take a look at what condos have to offer. The little things can go a long way in providing aesthetic beauty and comfort to your new home.

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