The rental returns from letting residential condominiums in central areas of Metro Manila range from 8% to 15% yearly, according to a survey just released by the Global Property Guide.

The smallest apartments in each segment earn the highest yields. For instance, studio apartments in the prime areas of Metro Manila can earn around 13%-15%. But the highest returns are available on the smallest studios (30 sq. m.), which earn rental returns of an average of 15.1%. Larger studio condos (40 sq. m.) earn slightly lower returns (12.9%).

The same pattern holds in other condominium segments. One to two bedroom units (measuring 50 – 90 sq. m.) earn around 12%-15%, but the highest returns can be earned on the smaller (60 sq. m.) condos, which earn rental returns of 15%. Larger 1 – 2 bedroom condos (80 sq. m.) earn rather lower returns (11.5%).

“The pattern is unusual,” says Matthew Pollock, publisher of the Global Property Guide. “Instead of a smooth progression from high yielding units to low, we have high to low with high-yielding ridges or lumps at particular apartment sizes - which correspond to the smallest case of a particular number of bedrooms.”
Here are some of the benefits you may wish to consider:
·       Condominiums generally appreciate in value at a rate which is almost consistently higher than the inflation rate.
·       Finding an occupant for a condominium apartment is relatively easy in because of low vacancy rates.
·       There is an increasing demand for the condominium lifestyle and the luxury and convenience that it provides.
·       Because a minimal amount of upkeep is involved, the economic benefits are more attractive for the first-time investor.
·       There is the convenience of having many of the management and maintenance problems taken care of by the condominium corporation, and the professional management company, if any.
·       Facilities such as tennis courts and swimming pools are maintained by the condominium corporation, thereby freeing the new investor from the responsibilities of upkeep.

  • The owner is protected by the bylaws and the rules and regulations set by provincial condominium legislation, by the original project documents, and by the bylaws and rules and regulations. For example, many condominiums do not allow pets in the building because of the potential wear and tear on the apartment. This type of rule protects and benefits the investor.
by global property guide.


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 Emerging real estate overseas markets are certainly offering rewarding opportunities. Any smart investor will definitely think seriously about such prospect and will react promptly towards gaining lucrative returns without wasting any time. Whether you are planning for the retirement or move frequently to a particular country for a vacation, investing in overseas property has a lot of significant benefits attach with it.

Now the question of too much investment in the single go is troubling you, then investment in international property is the answer to this difficult question. Investing in a property overseas means buying property that has not been constructed. Then while you are preparing to build, you can watch your unit value increase. Many investors across the world think that this is an excellent investment which is here to stay for many years to come.

Dealing with the preconstruction property has good number of advantages attach to it. With a small amount of money; you can reserve a property that would predictably worth double of its current price after the construction is over. The preconstruction property can be availed at significantly less price as compare to the finished house, which is the reason a lot of people from middle class opt for this process As the tourism industry is enhancing, so are the prices for the property in the international market resulting in high capital growth.

Buying property overseas will also significantly raise possibility of traveling abroad to your investment property for holiday purposes and then the personal use element is a definite advantage. The cost saving of accommodation for investors is a very attractive proposition however renting a property can also provide excellent returns.

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Indeed the “dream home” has become more tangible for the Filipino homebuyer, and it is this strength that motivates end users to save up for a condo unit property. It is also for this reason that the local property industry will maintain its momentum in spite of the global financial crisis, since the real estate as deemed as the “safest investment”, Coupled with sufficient liquidity, improved barrowing policies, and attractive financial terms, the property sector is seen to move forward in 2010 and beyond.

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